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Jill Scott Ignites The Borgata In Atlanta City

Jill Scott at the Borgata

Atlanta City, NJ– Jill Scott is a very tough artist to describe because she can do so much creatively. The R&B singer, whose debut album Who Is Jill Scott: Words and Sounds Vol. 1 caught the music industry off guard over 20 years ago. Scott is soulful yet languid, lusty yet chaste. In short, Scott effortlessly captures the multidimensional nature of black womanhood and strength. At Borgata in Atlantic City Saturday night, she wasn’t just good: She reminded the audience that she was simply born to be in front of us entertaining.

Opening with the show with “Gimme,” Scott — complete with a full live band and a trio of male backup singers. For “The Real Thing” she went full-on sex goddess mode; she delivered “Can’t Wait” with old school Motown sound. Scott was in rare form for “The Way” and when she dived into her smash hit “So In Love” featuring Anthony Hamilton, one of her singers was presented with the opportunity to sing the ballad. Jill Scott radiates on the stage; her free-flowing afro is a bold statement of her natural beauty.

Scott is very comfortable in her element on the stage.  She even admitted that she loves the woman she is now more than the 25-year-old version of herself. “Hate On Me,” was a flawless gem. “A Long Walk”  perhaps the most memorable song of the night; everyone at the Borgata could not wait to sing along all of the lyrics to the song.

“He Loves Me” was electrifying; Scott certainly knows how to work the crowd. She chose to end the evening with “Golden” and the “Blessed.” Both songs were affirmations of positivity, resilience, and elation.

Scott has been giving us her sultry balladry, poetic storytelling and jazz sound for the past two decades. Saturday night made it clear that Ms.Scott is nothing to play with.

Seeing Jill Scott live is once and a lifetime experience. She will definitely spark your love life. She does it with class, provocativeness,  and realness. Get your tickets to your next show near you.