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Frankie Beverly & Maze Knocks It Out The Park With The Farewell Tour At The Dell Music Center

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Dell Music Center—-The “Farewell Tour” featuring Frankie Beverly and Maze at the Dell Music Center on July 4th was an unforgettable evening of soulful music and timeless classics. The concert, hosted by WDAS’ Patty Jackson, was a celebration of music legends and a journey through decades of soul and R&B.

Kicking off the evening were The Whispers, who captivated the audience with their smooth harmonies and energetic performance. Their set included hits like “Rock Steady”, “Yes”, “Olivia”, “Just Gets Better With Time”,” Lady”,” Its A Love Thing”, “Tonight” and “And the Beat Goes On,” setting the perfect tone for the night ahead.

As the sun set over Philadelphia, the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation for Frankie Beverly and Maze. Taking the stage with their signature style, Frankie Beverly’s soulful voice filled the air, accompanied by the tight instrumentation of Maze. The audience was immediately transported through their extensive catalogue of hits, from “Before I Let Go”, “We Are One”, “Running Away”, “Golden Time”, “Stride”, “Happy Feelings” to “Joy and Pain,” each song resonating deeply with the crowd.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Frankie Beverly’s charismatic presence and genuine connection with the audience were evident throughout the night, as he engaged concert-goers with heartfelt anecdotes and messages of love and unity. The band’s tight musicianship and infectious energy kept everyone on their feet, dancing and singing along throughout the performance.

The Dell Music Center provided an intimate setting that enhanced the experience, allowing fans to feel close to the music and the artists. Patty Jackson’s hosting added a personal touch, bridging the gap between performers and audience members, making everyone feel like part of a big musical family.

Overall, the “Farewell Tour” with Frankie Beverly and Maze, along with The Whispers and hosted by WDAS’ Patty Jackson, was a stellar event that celebrated the enduring power of soul music. It was a night filled with nostalgia, joy, and a reminder of the timeless impact of these legendary artists on the world of R&B and soul.