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Merkerson Explodes Past The Jets

Photo Credit: 4.0 Sports

Caven Point, Jersey City-RB Damien Merkerson is one of the top young talents on the eastern seaboard. The 5’7 145 lbs. RB out of Passaic, New Jersey has been referred to NFL player Adrian Petersen of the Washington Redskins. Merkerson runs with a physical temperament, good strength, balance, and he consistently lowers his pads to drive through and over defenders.

During the game against the Jersey City Jets Merkerson played a great game on a brisk sunny day. Damien impressed recruiters with a 25-yard touchdown, which started in the middle of the field with a quick jump cut to the left, and Merk broke a few tackles for the touchdown. Merkerson finished the day off with 10 carries for 132 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Even in the brisky condition Merkerson played lights out until the final whistle. 4.0 Sports Media caught up with Damien after their 35-6 win. “I work hard and I wanted to start the game really fast. When I get the ball I wait to see how the blocking develops and run hard through the hole fast. We played well together today.  I am so thankful to get interviewed by 4.0 Sports.” Merkerson said.

Merkerson impressed me with his size, speed, and strength. He is a powerful runner; he goes from zero to 60 in a blink of an eye bursting to top speed quickly with the balance to go with it. Just a great combination to have if you are a running back. The “Blur” (Mekerson) has natural balance to bounce off contact without losing momentum and the physical nature to break arm tackles and make defenders pay for the tackle. This young student-athlete has a very bright future ahead of him.


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