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Passaic Drives Through The Jets At Caven Point

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On a cool Sunday morning the Passaic Chiefs took on the Jersey City Jets at Caven Point in Jersey City, NJ for that much talked about matchup. The Chiefs who average 28 points per game and haven’t given up any points thus far this season were up to the challenge. True to form the Chiefs C team made easy work of the Jets to the tune of 28-0. The Chiefs are now (4-0) and will take on Kearny Saturday at Boverini Stadium in Passaic.

Assistant head coach David Durham on the game: “I love the effort our kids had today. We played with passion and with a sense of urgency. Sometimes players can get complacent when they never were scored upon but not this group of kids. We wanted to give our student-athletes a legitimate platform to be recruited and gain exposure. We want to invoke change in our student-athletes lives and that is what all these coaches and team moms are trying to accomplish. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy schedule to see our kids and give them the exposure the rightly deserve.”

Top performers: Passaic Chiefs C Team

There were a number of prospects that stood out at the game here are few prospects we highlighted.


Jamari Miller # 7 (QB) Going to be the #1 prospect in the state of New Jersey if he keeps working on his craft. Jamari is a pocket passer with the height, arm, and leadership skills. He is going to make some big noise this season. Miller one of the MVP’s of the game against the Jersey Jets. The 5’3 105 pounder stands in the pocket and if given time, he can pick apart a defense. Mechanically sound, Miller shows decent footwork when moving around the pocket, has a good feel for the offense, he keeps his eyes down the field, and delivers a nice catchable ball. Miller is as smooth as it gets.  Miller finished the game with 7 carries for 74 yards and a touchdown. “I am confident in my abilities and I will do anything to help my team win. To be a better leader I have to control my anger because I know if I don’t it will hurt the team. But today anything we ran inside worked good for us.”

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Yahzir Sylvester # 3 (RB) He shows great awareness, vision, and pure speed. Sylvester is known for his no quit attitude, vision and his ability to create in the open field. He always has his feet under him with good body control and Yahzir shows good lateral skills. He can see what is going around him in space and does a good job of setting up defenders before blowing by them. The sky is the limit for this student-athlete. The silent assassin finished his day off with 10 carries 123 yards and three touchdowns. “ This game was a good test for us because we knew these kids was just as fast as we were. I tried to be patient when hitting the holes and when I seen an opening I hit it hard. I love this game of football and I will do anything to get better.”

Zyqyon Stephens # 8  (WR) He is undersized but explosive with great vision and burst. Stephens plays WR but will probably transition to SB where he will have a greater impact on the next level because of his route running abilities. At WR he shows quick feet, gets in and out of his routes quickly, Zyqyon is a very confident pass receiver with good zone awareness, he can make easy adjustments to off target throws, and can make the difficult catch look easy.  Stephens finished his day off with two catches for 37 yards. “I didn’t have a big day today but when my number was called I just went out and did my job. I try to go out and run good routes so I can get the ball thrown to me.”

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Michael Percell Davis # 99 (RT) Davis excels as a pass protector showing loose hips, excellent body control, and very good mobility. Michael can bend his knees and fire out of his stance. He can run pull if needed. Davis does a good job of finishing off his blocks. The Chiefs had a great day running behind big # 99 all game long.“I just come to the game and do my job and I work so hard in practice so when I come to the game it becomes easy for me. I want to thank you for taking the time to interview especially a lineman because we usually don’t get any press.”

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Zyon Rivera # 77  (OL) Rivera is a big kid like Davis but can move his feet for his size.  He is very physical at the point of attack and loves to pile drive defenders into the ground. If Rivera keeps growing he will be a two-way tackle that probably winds up playing guard in high school. Rivera is a natural knee bender; he does a good job of firing out of his stance, and shows the mobility and attitude to make a name for himself. Not there yet but certainly has the potential needed to make it at the next level. “I have to work on my footwork to compete but my coaches stay on me to get better and I will get there.”

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Javion Schoffield # 52 (OL) Don’t let the quiet demeanor fool you. Schoffield is a dominating guard, who seems to do everything well like staying low, playing the game on his feet, moving the defenders, and Javion is a fierce competitor with a high motor. A very nimble-footed kid for his age plays with power and very aggressive. Javion is a very tough-minded athlete; he works hard to improve his game. “I am hard nose player who loves to compete. The coaches this week really helped me with my stance and my hands. These guys were very fast so I had to get to and maintain block at my guard position.”

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Sabor Griggs # 34 (LB) Griggs shows tremendous reactions, he is very quick to the ball, and he knows what to do once he gets there. Sabor is an athlete who sheds blockers quickly, he is relentless in pursuit, and shows a very good up field burst. Griggs does a good job defending the pass, a premier ILB who is very durable and strong. Once he gets more consistent in wrapping up defenders he is going to be a problem. Griggs finished his day with 8 solo tackles and two of them were for losses. “I missed some tackles today but when I get back to practice I will work on tackling. I don’t want to hurt the team for missing tackles. I thank you for taking the time to interview me.”

Photo Credit: 4.0 Sports