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The Feel Good Tour Gave Everyone The Time Of Their Lives

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Wantagh, NY-The atmosphere was nothing less than electric at Jones Beach’s Northwell Amphitheater. One of New York’s leading outdoor concert venues, its architectural character favors its welcoming vibe. From the tantalizing ambience to its waterside breeze, the aura couldn’t have been more precise for the Pitbull-I Feel Good Tour.

Warming up the fiesta was Aussie temptress Iggy Azalea sashaying her rump shaker to “Work”, “I Am The Stripclub” and sinister “Sally Walker” seductively revving up her sea of admirers. Once the spellbinding siren captivated the crowd, it was all systems on deck with classic jams “Team” and “Black Widow” causing an all out frenzy.

The sultry lyricist kept temps brewing to “Peach Body”, “Don’t Need Y’all”, “Kream” and “Sex On The Beach” before stumbling atop one of her dancers ending bossy track “Started”. She remained posed joking about the mishap and in true artist form bounced back with a flawless finale to “Nights Like This” and hit maker “I’m So Fancy” waving farewell to her upbeat fan base.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Next on the scene was mixologist extraordinaire DJ Majestik who kept the party flowing spinning his skills to head banging fire classics and some of today’s hits maintaining the outdoor club feel, hyping concert goers to the leading grandstand headliner.

Upon que, the stage lights went dark and the entire arena belted out in a roar of pandemonium anticipating the arrival of Mr. 305 to hit center stage. It was then one felt the heat of Miami about to emblazon Jones Beach’s concert hall with the welcoming of its hottest sensation.

Pitbull vivaciously took to the spotlight donned in all black and sleek shades with a sex appeal that would ignite a detonator setting off the celebration with infectious track “Don’t Stop The Party” slaying his intro.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

The perpetuating excitement lead to hits “Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)”, “Hotel Room Service”, “International Love” and “Rain Over Me” sending the massive sold-out crowd into overdrive. What was normally a music venue turned into a blow-out bash of non-stop rhythmic jams that kept fans of all ages dancing out their seats.

Taking a breather attempting to tone the hysteria, Mr. Worldwide gave admiration to the multitude of his devotees stating “Everyone that came to Jones Beach tonight knows how to party” making them burst in a unison screamfest.

He very candidly shared moving sentiments on not just the love of his Cuban culture but his love for all cultures, staying positively resilient and enjoying life no matter what it may bring you. “We are one for one night through music” he professed over exhilarating outcries that echoed the hippodrome.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Immediately after, the multiplatinum powerhouse refueled his sizzling turn up on “Echa Pa’lla”, “Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)”,  “Bon, Bon” and latest smash collabo “I Feel Good” featuring Anthony Watts and DJWS with them performing an all out rock session blazing the venue in full beast mode.

Before continuing the endless party spree, the virtuoso performer took another moment to address the heavily populated attendees of the evening, the young generation dropping jewels of wisdom and encouragement. “Never be a follower be a leader” genuinely connecting with his fans.

The energy of this impeccable entertainer was just remarkable, just when you thought he was ready to close out the show, he’d reward you with yet another booty shaking smash hit even paying homage to innovators Bon Jovi, who’s family attended the festivities and the Godfather of Soul James Brown.

To say his finale on “Gimme Everything Tonight” was nothing less than epic was an understatement.  The Pitbull-I Feel Good Tour was show stopping experiencing and well exceeded its potential, definitely one you don’t wanna miss.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers