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Malone Is A True Husky

Photo Credit- Marvin Chambers

When we heard a few recruiters talking about this young man 4.0 Sports Media wanted to be the first source to cover this multidimensional player. There is one word to describe this kid Mr. Intensity. This young man comes from Jamesburg area and his name is Tywone Malone.

Malone is 6’1 225 lbs. have the body, length, the vision, and the hands scouts like to see in a tight end. Tywone is a prolific receiving TE who can run, catch, and get up the field. He will develop into a blocker once he gets to high school and settle down. Malone is an athletic, smooth, and hard-working TE with strong hands and the ability to adjust to the ball.

During the game against the Silk City Cardinals Tywone played a great game in misty conditions. On defense at his DE position Malone was around the ball all game long and he was a problem for the Cardinals offense. On offense the Silk City could not get any rhythm because Tywone was a disruptive force in the backfield all day long.

Malone made his presence known against the Cardinals team accumulating 12 tackles most of them unassisted. Tywone does a great job of shedding blockers and finding the ball carrier. He puts himself in the mix on every play and tackles very well. 4.0 Sports Media caught up with Mr. Malone after their 8-8 tie. “I work very hard and I knew when we went up, we had to keep the pressure on them. I kept telling my teammates keep playing hard the game is not over. The Cardinals threw us off our game with the trash talking but as a team we have to stay on the game plan that our coaches put together for us. If we would of stay focus and discipline I promise you the outcome would have been different.” Said Malone.

Malone pattons his game after NFL player and Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor of the New York Giants. The 14 year-old student-athlete and Jamesburg middle school player has a bright future that awaits him. Stay tuned.