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Maryland Dominates Towson In Season Opener For A 38-6 Victory

Photo Credit: Cory Royster

College Park, MD–The football season kicked off with a thrilling matchup between the Maryland Terrapins and the Towson Tigers. This game, played under the Friday night lights, showcased an impressive display of athleticism, strategy, and determination.

Maryland emerged as the clear victor with a resounding 38-6 win over Towson Saturday afternoon before an announced 37, 241 at SECU Stadium, largely thanks to their star quarterback, Taulia Tagovailoa’s extraordinary performance.

“Our connection is getting better and better every day,” wide receiver Kaden Prather said. “I got thrown into the fire when I got here, so [Tagovailoa] and I didn’t have too much time to get together and work on certain things. But it’s getting better by the day. He’s a confident quarterback, both in himself and his team. It’s really easy to play for someone that confident and give them your all.”

Maryland (1-0) scored 21 points in the first quarter and 28 in the first half. Coach Locksley, who was a starting safety and defensive captain for the Tigers from 1988 to 1991, appreciated the early outburst.

The Quarterback Duel:

The game featured an exciting quarterback duel, with both teams eager to establish dominance early in the season. However, it was Maryland’s quarterback, Taulia Tagovailoa, who stole the spotlight with his remarkable stats. Tagovailoa, a junior, demonstrated his maturity and leadership on the field, leaving a lasting impression on fans and analysts alike.

Taulia Tagovailoa’s Stats:

Tagovailoa’s performance in the Maryland vs. Towson game was nothing short of spectacular. He completed 22 of his 33 pass attempts for an impressive 71% completion rate, accumulating 260 passing yards in the process. Tagovailoa’s accuracy and poise in the pocket were a sight to behold, as he consistently found his targets and made intelligent decisions throughout the game.

Photo Credit: Cory Royster

Touchdown Machine:

One of the most significant contributions of Taulia Tagovailoa to Maryland’s victory was his ability to find the end zone. Tagovailoa threw for three touchdowns during the game, connecting with different receivers to keep Towson’s defense on their toes. His touchdown passes displayed both accuracy and strength, as he threaded the needle in tight coverage situations.

In addition to his passing touchdowns, Tagovailoa added a rushing touchdown to his stat line, further solidifying his status as a complete quarterback. This multi-dimensional approach to the game made it challenging for Towson’s defense to predict his next move.

Impact on the Game:

Tagovailoa’s performance was not only about racking up impressive stats; it had a direct impact on the outcome of the game. He consistently led the Maryland offense down the field, setting up scoring opportunities and maintaining possession of the ball. His ability to convert on third downs and in the red zone was crucial in securing the 38-6 victory.

Tagovailoa’s leadership extended beyond his statistics. He kept his teammates motivated and focused, instilling a sense of confidence that permeated the entire team. The energy and enthusiasm he brought to the field were contagious, and it was evident that his teammates rallied around his stellar performance.


As the season progresses, football fans can expect to see more electrifying performances from Taulia Tagovailoa and the Maryland Terrapins. Tagovailoa’s ability to excel under pressure and lead his team to victory makes him a player to watch in the world of college football, and the September 2nd game against Towson was just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting season.

“It’s always great to start 1-0,” coach Mike Locksley said. “I thought our team came in prepared to play and got off to the kind of fast start we like to get off to. … There’s always things we need to get cleaned up, which we’ll do, but it’s good to be able to do that after a win.”


Towson: The Tigers open conference play in the CAA when they host Monmouth on Saturday night.

Maryland: The Terps host Charlotte on Saturday night.