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NY Giants WR Sterling Shepard Looks Ready For The Season

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Quest Diagnostics Center, N.J. —–The Giants had their last training camp practice to the public for 2023 and their second with pads.

In the last few practices New York Giants head coach Brian Daboll been very animated with players and coaches as there were some mental breakdowns on the sidelines. One directed towards OC Mike Kafka for getting a play called in late. In the NFL every play is crucial and everyone has to be on the same page.

Daboll made well known that there is open competition in training camp for every position on the field except for one, he said with a chuckle at the media presser.

I think we try to challenge all our players,” he said last week. “We are jumping right in, it’s not like walk into the pool, we are jumping right into the deep end right now. Everybody’s got to compete it out.”

The left tackle position is currently occupied by All-Pro Andrew Thomas, who the franchise recently signed a five -year, $117.5 million extension last week.

Thomas’ $67 million guaranteed at signing is the most ever for an NFL offensive lineman.

Some Observations:

• Daniel Jones is playing with a lot confidence in camp. He definitely comfortable in the offense, he making quick decision with the ball. Jones has been putting the ball right on the money. has been mostly outstanding. The only thing the receivers has to do is reach out and catch. Jones is going through all the reads and taking what the defense gives him.

•Jones through a deep dime to Jalin Hyatt in the left corner of the end-zone. The Giants fans get used to this because these two are lighting it up in the camp. Hyatt is splitting coverages with little or no effort. He has a huge catch radius and  quarterback playing with this kind of confidence and a receiver who has made splitting coverage look so effortlessly.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

“Again, we’re trying to make it — that’s what’s training camp is for — as competitive as we can,” continued Daboll.

“Some of that is just ‘let’s see this player against this player.’ So, you can’t move everybody around so maybe you move one person one day and you don’t want to see him all the time against one particular player, so you either move a guy on defense or you move a guy on offense and then you put another guy in there to see how he matches up against a guy. Some of that’s one-on-ones but a lot of times we try to do it in team, too, so we can get a good evaluation, not just against one player. So, when we’re out there in one-on-one’s I ask the coaches to make sure they are trying to mix and match guys so we can see how they perform against each other.”

There are probably a couple other positions that also aren’t in play such as quarterback and nose tackle, but you get what Daboll is driving at here.

Injury Update:

Right tackle Evan Neal (concussion) did not practice after getting banged in Friday’s practice. Head coach Brian Daboll said that Neal continues to make progress.