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The Indians Tame The Tigers At Boverini Stadium

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On a hot Monday evening the Passaic Indians took on the West Memorial Tigers at Boverini Stadium in Passaic, NJ. The Indians have been manhandling their opponents this season and scoring at will. With great offensive line play and a very active defense, the Indians beat Memorial 18-6. The Indians are now (4-0) and they are starting to gel at the right time going halfway into the season.

CAP Assistant Coach David Durham On The Game:  “Most of these kids I seen grow up or they play for us. It is just a pleasure to see these student-athletes grow and develop. It is bigger than football; you just hope they are turning into respectable and abiding young men. That’s all a coach can ask for.”

Top performers: Passaic Freshman Team

There were a number of freshmen that stood out at the game here are the ones we highlighted.

Jameil Chalmers # 6 (RB) An all-around back, he is becoming a dominant player for the Indians this year. Chalmers can run, catch, and block. A classic slasher with vision and burst to dominate on the high school level. A shifty runner, he has surprising strength to move the pile. A patient and natural runner who does a great job following his blocks. Chalmers finished the game against Memorial with 10 carries 170 yards and two touchdowns. “I am confident in my line and today they blocked very well for me. When I got the ball today I waited on my blocks to develop and went from them.”

Photo credit: 4.0 Sports

Devin Fragale # 71 (C) He is a super run blocker who attacks the defender, keeps his feet moving and plays hard until the whistle. Fragale sets a solid base and uses his long arms and quick legs to his advantage while pass blocking. He successfully blocked out at the second level against Memorial. “I just come and compete. I’m versatile I can play all of the offensive linemen positions. I love to come out and be physical.”

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Adrian Mouzon # 2 (ATH) I have been following this kid since he was in the 5th grade and this kid is very special and I don’t say that about a kid to often.  AJ shows big-time vision, balance, and brilliant speed. Very capable of catching the ball out the backfield or any spot he lines up, AJ shows the elusiveness and can really accelerate quickly once he decides to go. AJ always find a way to make big plays for his team, just give him the ball. Mouzon finished his day off with 9 carries 93 yards and touchdown. “ I go out and have fun. I had to get better because on the high school level these kids are stronger, faster, and more athletic so if I want to compete with them I have to put in the work. I’m working on that.”

Photo credit: 4.0 Sports