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Coldplay’s Spectacular Movement Towards A Green Revolution

Photo Credit: Monita Schimanski

East Rutherford, NJ-When you hear the name Coldplay you think of the world-famous British rock band that has taken the genre by storm with their free flowing sound and cutting edge style.

Since their 1996 debut, the quad reached colossal success with their first four albums “Parachutes”, “A Rush of Blood to the Head”, “X&Y” and “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” each wining a Brit and Grammy award with their third release noted as the best-selling album of the year world-wide and fourth earning their first nomination for Album of the Year.

The group joined at London’s University College initially calling themselves Pectoralz, Starfish and later settling on their signature moniker, excelled to becoming the most top selling music band of the 21st century. Reaching acclaimed status, they collaboratively evolved their finesse of sound blending electronica, ambient, pop, R&B, funk, jazz fusion and progressive rock into a new age of vibration like no other.

Nearly five years and overcoming pandemic grief, the dynamic tetralogy returned to the stage at the renowned MetLife stadium Saturday night on their “Music of the Spheres-World Tour” with a exhilarating resurgence and newfound wave towards changing our world.

Photo Credit: Monita Schimanski

Focusing on environmental change, the production was powered solely by renewable energy, the first ever of its kind. Aside from the spectacular opener of fireworks and confetti, the intro aired a video of the band’s mission on going green with ticket sales helping to remove plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean and planting trees around the globe.

Biofuel and battery operated devices managed the venue with on-stage solar panels, floor mounted energy bikes, aluminum cups with air-moisture water dispensers, kinetic dance boards, and 60,000 invigorating fans each given compostable neon lit wrist bands that illuminated the entire stadium.

Along with featured guest HER and special appearances by Kylie Minogue and “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen, the concert was certainly an unforgettable experience. Its a true testament to the phrase “Be the change that you wish to see the World”, the band doing just that. Embarking on a profound journey to a eco-friendly innovation that can power any platform.

With so much disarray our world is under, its moving to see such a unified outlet bring back humanity through remarkable inspiration. Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres-World Tour” is a once in a lifetime event you won’t want to miss.

Visit: www.coldplay.com and all ticket outlets for tour dates and locations.