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Dallas Cowboys Makes A Huge Statement By Drafting Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton In The First Round

Courtesy Of The Dallas Cowboys Communications

The Dallas Cowboys have showcased a commendable performance last season, boasting a record of 10-5. Despite their success, several areas of improvement are evident, particularly in the quarterback, offensive line, and running back positions. As the team gears up for the upcoming draft, addressing these needs will be crucial for sustaining and enhancing their competitive edge in the NFC Division.

1. Quarterback:**

The quarterback position is undoubtedly one of the most critical roles in football, serving as the backbone of the team’s offense. While the Cowboys have seen some solid performances from Dak Prescott, there is room for improvement and depth in this area. Investing in a talented quarterback through the draft would not only provide competition but also ensure a reliable backup option in case of injuries or performance slumps. Additionally, grooming a young quarterback under the guidance of seasoned veteran like Prescott can set the stage for future success and continuity within the franchise.

**2. Offensive Line:**

A formidable offensive line is essential for creating opportunities and protecting the quarterback, as well as opening up running lanes for the ball carriers. Despite possessing some talented linemen, the Cowboys have struggled with consistency and durability along the offensive front last season. Addressing the offensive line in the draft will be paramount to fortifying this unit and solidifying the foundation of the team’s offense. In the first round 29th pick the Cowboys drafted Oklahoma OT Tyler Guyton to bolster up their offensive line woes.

Dallas Cowboys 2024 NFL Draft picks

Round 1: No. 29 (from DET)-Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma

Round 2: No. 56

Round 3: No. 87

Round 5: No. 174

Round 6: No. 216

Round 7: No. 233 (from LV)

Round 7: No. 244

3. Running Back:

The running back position plays a pivotal role in the Cowboys’ offensive scheme, serving as a primary source of yardage and touchdowns. While the team has showcased some dynamic runners in recent years, injuries and inconsistencies have plagued the running back corps, impacting the team’s offensive rhythm and effectiveness. Investing in a reliable running back through the draft can inject new energy and talent into the backfield, providing depth and versatility to the team’s ground game.

Whether it’s a power runner capable of gaining tough yards between the tackles or a shifty playmaker with breakaway speed, adding a quality running back to the roster will enhance offensive diversity and resilience. In the second round don’t be surprised if the Cowboys draft Tennessee RB Jaylen Wright or Michigan RB Blake Corum both backs are extremely fast and hit the hole with a purpose.

2023 Season Stats:

Total Offense: 371.6 yards per game (5th)
Rushing: 112.9 yards per game (14th)
Passing: 258.6 yards per game (3rd)

Total Defense: 299.5 yards per game (5th)
Rushing: 112.4 yards per game (16th)
Passing: 187.4 yards per game (5th)