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Feargal McCrory Dominates Carlos Carlson With A Third Round TKO

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

New York, NY—Feargal McCrory (16-0, 8 KOs) showcased his dominance in the co-main event of Friday’s Callum Walsh-Dauren Yeleussinov card at the Madison Square Garden Theater in New York City, securing a third-round technical knockout victory over Carlos Carlson (25-8, 16 KOs).

Hailing from Ireland, McCrory clinched the WBA Continental Americas super featherweight title with a commanding performance. The defining moment came in the third round when McCrory unleashed a devastating left to Carlson’s body, sending him crumbling to the canvas in agony. Though Carlson managed to rise to his feet, visibly distressed, he sought refuge against the ropes, shielding himself from further punishment with his elbows pinned to his sides. McCrory, sensing an opportunity to conclude the bout, launched a barrage of punches, prompting referee David Fields to halt the bout.

While some may argue that the stoppage was premature, given Carlson’s limited subsequent exposure to significant blows, McCrory’s relentless assault left little room for debate.

Throughout the fight, McCrory dictated the pace, engaging in close-quarters combat and frequently maneuvering Carlson with force. Despite both fighters landing their fair share of punches to the opponent’s face, McCrory consistently asserted his dominance, delivering crisp, effective shots from the onset.

The conclusion came suddenly, epitomizing the potency of a well-executed body shot, exemplified by McCrory’s precision. A left hook to the liver landed with pinpoint accuracy, sealing Carlson’s fate.

Post-fight, as McCrory basked in the cheers of his supporters on St. Patrick’s Day weekend, he turned to the crowd, seeking their validation. “What do yous think?” he exclaimed, echoing the sentiment of a fighter eager to make his mark on the division.

With aspirations of climbing the ranks in the 130-pound division, McCrory remained coy about potential future opponents during his post-fight interview. However, his stellar performance suggests that he is primed for sterner tests ahead. If he maintains this level of skill and determination, the boxing world can anticipate McCrory’s continued ascent against higher-caliber opposition in the near future.