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Lalah Hathaway Blows Away The New York City Winery

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

New York, NY—- Lalah Hathaway is known for her captivating live performances, where her incredible vocal talent truly shines. She lit up the New York City Winery with her energy, Wednesday night.

Hathaway is perhaps one of the most respected vocalists in the music industry thanks to her otherworldly talent and natural musicality that makes her such a versatile artist. That’s probably why she’s so in demand as a collaborator.

Hathaway’s albums have consistently reflected her growth as an artist, her willingness to experiment with musical genres, and her commitment to delivering soul-stirring performances. Her ability to connect emotionally with her audience and explore diverse musical landscapes has made her a respected figure in this evolving music industry. She is a 5x Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and producer and 10-time nominee.

The daughter to the late, great Donny Hathaway and the product of an incredibly musical family, Chicago-born and raised Lalah Hathaway has the most soulful of music running through her veins. 2023 will see the release of much-anticipated new original work from Lalah as she continues to forge a lane all of her own.

Lalah opened her set with “Baby Don’t Cry”, then “Lean On Me”, “Little Girl/Breathe”–

“The Energy” which is co-written by Lalah, Ariza, and Kole draws from Lalah’s own life experiences of growing up in Chicago. Over a funky guitar riff and heavy drums, she relates some of them in the opening verse of the song. “Somebody cooking greens in the kitchen– Somebody in the backyard singing, Everybody on the home team winning– That’s the feeling,” she sings. “Coming home from church on Sunday, Catch the L, double dutch at the lakefront, Someone told me that the best day’s coming, That’s the feeling in my mind.”

Then she went into a medley with “Love, Love, Love” by her late father Donny Hathaway, “Angel” by Anita Baker, and Love’s Holiday by Earth, Wind, and Fire. After a short intermission she sang “You” and “FFF”.

Lalah’s performance of the Beatles’ “Something” at the City Winery to close her set showed her ability to put her own unique spin on well-known songs. These performances capture the essence of Hathaway’s live presence and her ability to connect with audiences through her exceptional voice, energy, and emotional delivery.