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Big Daddy Kane Brings Back That Home Feeling Into Sony Hall

Big Daddy Kane rocks the mike at Sony Hall (Photo/Marvin Chambers)

Sony Hall, NY–One of the greatest to hit the stage, Big Daddy Kane treated Sony Hall a true essence of hip-hop. The Brooklyn native is one of hip-hop’s most lyrical, diverse, innovative, trendsetting M.C.’s known by many attributes such as Dark Gable, Black Caesar and King Asiatic Nobody’s Equal but, known to the world as Big Daddy Kane.

The Black Caesar performed a short set of classics, including “Smooth Operator,” “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’,” “Raw” and a bonus freestyle. Through his warm, engaging and self-effacing style, the pioneer used an interlude between songs to address the intergenerational divisiveness defining rap today and the importance of fans of all ages supporting whatever they like, while “focusing on what’s positive and keeping that in the spotlight. He reminded the packed crowd we need to support the new rappers that is coming into the game.”

Kane, aka Dark Gable, was a breakout member of the seminal Juice Crew in hip-hop’s golden era during the latter part of the 1980s. He popularized quick-cadence flows and multisyllabic rhyme schemes before passing the torch to early mentees like Jay-Z.

The smooth operator, Big Daddy Kane, still has that same palpable swag as he had coming into the game. Big Daddy Kane isn’t just an MC or a rapper, he’s a damn entertainer.

Don’t miss The Badass & The Beautiful Ms.Lisa Fischer with Ranky Tanky on January 13th. Tickets available at Sony Hall box office-235 W 46th Street, New York, NY 10036.