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DeVonta Smith Shines At The 86th Annual Heisman Trophy Ceremony

Photo Credit: Heisman.com

The 86th annual Heisman Trophy commemoration was quite diverse this year having to adapt to the new ways of virtual broadcasting though, its momentum upheld its honorable observance.

Its four finalists, Florida Gator’s QB Kyle Trask, Alabama’s QB Mac Jones, Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence and Alabama’s WR Devonta Smith all made significant impacts in the NCAA Football league but only one prevailed against the odds.

Keen contender and Florida Gator Kyle Trask came in fourth place for the Heisman with 4,283 YDS, 43 TD’S (ranked #1) and 8 INT’s (tied #98th in the country) for the season.

Trask broke several UF records framing himself as an early front-runner for the gold but entered the competition the final month of the season.

Struggling after the Nov 7th game against Georgia leaving fellow teammate and star tight end Kyle Pitts with an injury forcing him to take a backseat for the LSU match-up, Trask attempted to manage the durability for Florida coming so close yet so far.

Crimson Tide’s Mac Jones was third runner up for the award with a season high of 4,036 YDS, 36 TD’S (both ranked #2) and 4 INT’s (tied #35th in the country).

Former Heisman winner and fan Tim Tebow validated Jones’s efforts, “His mindset, I love so much about him. His eye of the tiger mindset and his choice to go to Alabama when he knew they had a bunch of other quarterbacks. They were bringing in another five-star (Bryce Young) and, you know what, he didn’t flinch.”

Photo Credit: Heisman.com

Having met Tebow and becoming a mentor to the 6’3” star athlete, Jones applied an old Tebow quote to his motto, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. Jones will likely make first-round draft pick.

ACC player of the year and renowed Clemson Tiger Trevor Lawrence was runner-up and most thought out to gain the trophy with 3,153 YDS, 24 TD’S (ranked #12) and 5 INT’s (tied #53rd in the country).

This trendsetter and amazing player took to Twitter acknowledging Clemson on providing the groundwork for his future endeavor towards the NFL draft as the overall #1 pick.

“When I look at my life so far–this journey of 21 years, the most formative years have been my time at Clemson” said the 6’6” phenom. “It’s taught me how to be a better man, no doubt…I really feel like I’m a man now, and I’m ready to take on those challenges, and I’m just super-excited for the life ahead. The best is always yet to come. I’m grateful for Clemson, and I’m gonna miss it…My time here has been amazing, and I’m going to be a Clemson Tiger forever”.

Nevertheless, the night belonged to Alabama’s own Devonta Smith as the Heisman Trophy’s 86th winner with a career high 18.6 YDS/R, 130 Rec. Yards, 7 Receptions and 3 Receiving TD’s for the season.

The resilient athlete and Maxwell Award title-holder who made an astounding impression in college football, was sincerely overjoyed and elated after the win by way of his Amite roots.

“It’s just unbelievable, just coming from a small place like that. You just really have to work day in and day out and just believe in yourself, and if don’t nobody else believe you, you just have to believe in yourself and just prove everybody wrong”, stated Crimson’s Wide Receiver.

Smith continued to profess compassion to his Alabama “family” and teammates for guiding each other and striving towards his ultimate achievement.

Congratulations to all the Heisman finalists and best wishes on the next level, the NFL.