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“El Embajador” Of Puerto Rico Makes An Outstanding Return To The Tri-State

Photo Credit: Clay Johnson

Uncasville, CT-The pride of Puerto Rico Marc Anthony made his grand return to the Tri-State region Saturday in perfect timing helping commemorate Hispanic Heritage month in true Puertorriqueno formation.

Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun Arena was the first stop in his “Pa’lla Voy” Tri-State line up and to say the energy within the venue was anything less than exhilarating would be an understatement. Anyone could feel the excitement running through their body like an electric bolt.

NY native Latino comedian Joey Vega kicked off the fiesta bringing the joyous sounds of laughter back to the sold-out crowd of 10,000. Vega, a longtime friend and tour mate of the salsero, recalled their humble encounters circling back to Anthony’s early career.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Figueroa

“He used to come to my shows and ask if he could be my opening act. He would always say ‘I’m gonna be a famous singer someday.’ For about a year he kept coming to the show and asking to open up for me. Finally I told him ‘Once you become famous I will open up for you,'” over twenty years later, Marc’s sincerity remains true.

Puerto Rico’s “embajador” (ambassador) took center stage in regal form causing a exploding eruption of fanfare echoing the entire forum. Opening to pulsating smash “Valio La Pena” with his exquisitely superb band causing pandemonium throughout the world famous arena.

The Latin powerhouse continued flossing his salsa moves pulling out all his classic hits “Hubo Alguien” “Hasta Ayer” “Flor Palida” “Contra La Corriente” and love ballads “Abrazame Muy Fuerte” “Almohada” and “Y Como Es El” seducing the ladies with his passionate lyrics.

Photo Credit: Clay Johnson

Paying homage to his proud Taino Indian/Puerto Rican heritage, he donned both flags cape style as the superman he is pausing to address his devotees “Ok, I’m gonna say sumthin’ this is a salsa concert, all that sitting s*#t is over..the ballads…Despierta! La salsa se baila, estan conmigo mi gente!!”

His emotionally profound statement was felt deeply by his CT fans and even farther-reaching the depths of his New York aficionados, Marc Anthony’s beloved birthplace.

Inciting mass hysteria among his monstrous sea of admirers during Sunday’s performance at Brooklyn’s renowned Barclays Center, he reignited the stage in full blown brazen mode to “Enamorado” “Que Precio” “Te Conozco Bien” and tour anthem “Pa’lla Voy” with fellow label mate Arbise Gonzalez aka Motiff blazing a phenomenal solo on his guitar before closing out to “Parecen Viernes” “Tu Amor Me Hace Bien” and world anthem “Vivir Mi Vida”.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of attending a Marc Anthony concert, you know the pride for his Latin culture is genuinely evident and the admiration for his fans is undeniable. Cherishing showgoers no matter the race, ethnicity or age, his humbleness is even greater towards his younger supporters, taking the time to sign a boy’s flag and coming off stage to sing in the ear of another young boy who was blind.

Its these sentiments that helped construct “The Maestro Cares Foundation”, a charity Marc co-founded with fellow business partner, founder and CEO of CMN Events Henry Cardenas. Their mission, “to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children and communities in Latin America and the United States.”

Providing housing, educational programming and essential resources supporting children’s growth and development, strengthening communities, and helping children become tomorrow’s leaders.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, Marc Anthony is stellar figure for all Latinos, an exceptionally modest man who’s amorous pride for his people is continuously felt still and will forever remain.