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Ginuwine Spreads Love & Positivity At The BergenPac

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Englewood, NJ—-The night started off with a buzz at the BergenPac, a new upcoming group called Trusol set the stage on fire and set the tone for Ginuwine.

This R&B group is definitely full of that soul, energy, and passion.

Founding members of the group are Terrence (aka Teddy B) and Termaine (aka Mello), started this talented four member group from Jersey City, New Jersey. Living in a rough neighborhood music was the safest thing to keep them out of trouble and out of harms way. As high school friends, Terrence and Termaine realized their vocal talents complimented each other and came up with the idea of forming a group – and TruSol was born.

Initially, it began with the two singing at nearby churches and weddings until they met Kareem (aka Vocalz), an inspiring singer himself. His dynamic vocals and church choir background made him a nice addition to the group, harmonizing together, the duo now become a trio and started to gain recognition in their hometown.

They rocked the stage with Jodeci “Come & Talk To Me” Boyz II Men, “On Bended Knee” and with two of their very own songs “A Woman Should Be Loved and Killed” Its TruSol.

TruSol captivated the audience tonight reaching everyone in the entire venue leaving them yearning for more, having their harmonious vibe touch your soul!

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Ginuwine born with an innate talent for music and dance, Ginuwine had always dreamt of using his gifts to bring joy and inspiration to others. From a young age, Ginuwine mesmerized audiences with his extraordinary performances.

His voice possessed an enchanting quality, capable of reaching the deepest corners of people’s hearts. His slick and graceful dance moves left everyone spellbound, as if he were floating on air. People would flock from all over to witness the magic that surrounded him. But Ginuwine wasn’t just an entertainer. He was a storyteller, a bearer of profound messages hidden within his music and dance.

The dazzling lights illuminated the space, and the murmurs of excitement echoed throughout the BergenPac. As he took center stage, he was both nervous and exhilarated, prepared to give the performance of his life. With the first note that escaped his lips, the audience was captivated. His voice had a mesmerizing effect, washing over them like a tidal wave of emotion.

Each note he sang, possessed a deeper purpose, aiming to touch the souls of those who listened attentively. He blessed us with songs like, “Hell Yea” “Same Ol G”, “Last Chance”, “Sting” “#1 Fan”, Prince, “When Doves Cry” which he did acapella, “Owe Me”, “Need Girl”, “In Those Jeans” “So Anxious”, “Pony” and closed the show throwing roses to the single ladies in front of the stage to “Differences”.

The crowd watched in awe as he gracefully weaved through his dance routine, his movements conveying stories of love, loss, and triumph. As the performance reached its climax, Ginuwine felt a profound connection with his audience. He could sense their hearts opening, their spirits lifting, and their souls being stirred by his art. In that moment, he realized the true power of his gift. It wasn’t simply about dazzling people with his talent; it was about touching their hearts and inspiring positive change within them.

The BergenPac erupted in thunderous applause as Ginuwine took his final bow. Tears welled up in his eyes, overwhelmed by the overwhelming response from the audience.