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Hometown Favor Reigned Supreme-Johns VS Gonzalez

Photo Credit: Marilyn Figueroa

Newark, NJ–The Co-Main event on Rising Star Promotions Friday Night Series had its moments of excitement but was far from a solid match-up.

Fellow Brick City native Anthony “Big Back” Johns (4-0-0) took on Louisiana’s Jenn “El Infinito” Gonzalez (9-14-1) in a Flyweight division showdown scheduled for six rounds ending with the New Jersey Boxing Hall Of Famer sending the young challenger into another dimension.

Round one looked promising for Gonzalez who came out swinging towards Johns with an aggressive stance pawing at the hometown favorite’s skillful bob and weave swagger.

It didn’t take long for the rising fighter to make his move shaking up Gonzalez with two straight left jabs to the dome in the second causing fan ruckus and Gonzalez to rethink his strategy after taking a hard knockdown.

Photo Credit: Marilyn Figueroa

By the third round, Johns jumped into eye of the tiger mode landing strong hooks and working the body of Gonzalez who’s attempts at keep up the pace were quickly slipping.

Evidently feeling the effects of his opponent’s strength, Gonzalez was grasping for straws holding Johns by the end of the count. A short intermission wasn’t enough pause for “El Infinito” to regain his composure and wits.

Seizing the moment, “Big Back” unleashed his arsenal with massive jabs and body shots knocking the wind out of Gonzalez backing him against the ropes visibly faded getting referee Eric Dali to stop the fight 1:52 seconds in round 4.

The arena went ballistic for the neighborhood prizefighter gaining unanimous decision by way of TKO. This hometown hopeful shows great potential with the support of his fans, the strength of his corner with his father as his trainer, including his family equals the basis of his foundation and the inclination of his future. Johns is definitely a fighter to watch out for.