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Honoring A Woman of God Beloved Mother of Tyrese Priscilla Murray Gibson

Tyrese and mom Priscilla Murray during Tyrese Gibson Watts Foundation 3rd Annual Watts Day 2003 at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Watts, California, United States. (Photo by Maury Phillips/WireImage)

Los Angeles, CA–After several weeks battling covid Grammy nominated singer/actor Tyrese Gibson’s mother Priscilla Murray Gibson has passed on. Amidst reports of the somber headlines late Monday evening, the 70-year-old was hospitalized with pneumonia and placed under a medically induced coma in an attempt to assess her treatment towards recovery that ultimately ended her life.

Making the decision to go public with the unfortunate news February 5th via his Instagram, his sole focus was to do nothing less than help navigate his mom’s care healing her back to normal health as she laid in a isolated hospital room with machines helping her breathe.

“Alright so I gotta understand..so I’ll have to understand, we take a lot for granted. This has been going on for two weeks and uh I kept it to myself I didn’t go on Instagram I didn’t post but things started getting so bad so fast. I have a great relationship with Christ but I just said you know what I’m gonna have to put this up on my timeline because prayers from around the world saying my mother’s name can change everything. And just like that, from me putting up on my Instagram last night till today all of her vital signs just went up”.

Photo Credit: nydailynews.com

One couldn’t refrain from feeling the sincerity of emotions coming from the Watts native at that given moment after exiting out of his mother’s room. From the honorable Louis Farrakhan to the exquisite sounds of Kenny G, prayers and well wishes from all platforms assembled a spiritual bond joined by faith and encouragement for Priscilla and the Gibson family while her fate was left at the hands of our heavenly father, four months after losing her oldest daughter.

The youngest of his siblings, Tyrese has upheld a continuous family bond within their unit placing his mom at the forefront despite the family’s troubled past. In 2015 during a Mother’s Day segment on Oprah, the NAACP Image Award winner surprised her with a new home professing he owed all of his success to the woman who inspired him.

“My mother just has always instilled in us appreciate the little that you have whatever world you end up going into you gotta make sure you give back”. Following that mantra, Tyrese used his social media outlet keeping family, friends and fans updated with his mother’s condition optimistic she would make a turnaround but on the night of celebrating romance the Gibson family grieved for their loss, Tyrese posting a heartfelt image holding his mother’s hand.

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“On behalf of my family and everyone wo ever spent anytime praying for my mother this is the saddest moment of my life…..My sweet Valentine just passed away…May the Lord Jesus Christ and his angels open the doors of heavens and embrace her…We as a family are broken and just can’t believe this…May the Lord Jesus Christ honor your walk with him and embrace you into the heavens…From here on I ask that you HOLD MY HAND MOTHER and never let my hand go…Like you held my hand as a child and a teen never let my hand go mother….”

In favor of our entire 4.0 Sports and Entertainment publication and staff, we send our most deepest condolences to Tyrese and the entire Gibson family. Priscilla Murray Gibson is survived by her remaining three children Tyrone, Shonta, and Tyrese along with her two grandchildren Shayla and Soraya Lee.