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Iowa State Prevails Over Oklahoma State In A Thrilling 34-27 Victory

Photo Credit: Bernie Kofron

Aimes, IA—-In a highly anticipated matchup that kept fans on the edge of their seats, the Iowa State Cyclones emerged victorious over the Oklahoma State Cowboys with a final score of 34-27. This nail-biting contest showcased impressive performances from both sides of the field, but it was Iowa State’s resilience and standout performances by quarterback Rocco Becht and wide receiver Jaylin Noel that ultimately sealed the win.

From the opening kickoff, it was clear that this was going to be a closely contested game. The Cyclones and Cowboys exchanged blows throughout the first half, with neither team able to gain a decisive advantage. Oklahoma State’s quarterback, Alan Bowman, showcased his talents early on, but the Cyclones’ defense held their ground, making it difficult for the Cowboys to gain significant momentum.

“I just thought Rocco played an incredible game,” Iowa State coach Matt Campbell said, “his efficiency, the way he threw the football.”

Becht was the catalyst for the Cyclones’ offensive success. Becht had a standout performance, completing 27 of his 38 passes for an impressive 348 yards and three touchdowns. His poise in the pocket and ability to make crucial throws in clutch situations was instrumental in Iowa State’s victory. Becht’s connection with wide receiver Jaylin Noel was particularly noteworthy.

“That guy (Becht) has been confident since week one,” Noel said. “Give him the opportunity to get the ball down the field and he’s going to make plays happen.”

Noel, who had a breakout game, caught a staggering 8 receptions for 146 yards. His ability to find open spaces in the Cowboys’ defense and create separation from defenders made him a constant threat downfield. Noel’s chemistry with Becht was evident throughout the game, as the two connected for multiple key plays that kept the Cyclones’ offense moving. Noel’s contributions proved to be a crucial factor in Iowa State’s win.

Photo Credit: Bernie Kofron

On the opposing side, Bowman did his best to keep the Cowboys in the game. Bowman completed 23 of 48 passes for 278 yards, tossing two touchdowns. However, he also threw two interceptions, which proved costly for Oklahoma State. The Cyclones’ defense capitalized on these turnovers, preventing the Cowboys from gaining any significant momentum.

The game remained tightly contested until the final minutes. The Cowboys mounted a late-game surge, pulling within striking distance of tying the score. However, Iowa State’s defense stood strong, thwarting Oklahoma State’s final drive and securing the hard-fought victory.

This victory for Iowa State showcased the team’s determination and resilience. Despite facing a tough opponent in Oklahoma State, the Cyclones remained composed and executed their game plan effectively. Becht’s impressive performance and Noel’s breakout game were key factors in their success.

As the Cyclones celebrate this crucial win, they will undoubtedly look to build upon this momentum as the season progresses. With a resilient defense and a dynamic offensive duo in Becht and Noel, Iowa State is poised to be a formidable contender in the competitive world of college football. Meanwhile, the Cowboys will use this game as a learning experience and strive to bounce back stronger in their upcoming match-ups.

In the end, college football fans were treated to an exhilarating showdown between two talented teams, with Iowa State emerging as the victors. This thrilling victory will undoubtedly be remembered as a defining moment in the Cyclones’ season, and it sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting journey ahead in the world of college football.

Iowa State receiver Jaylin Noel had a career-high 126 yards in the first half, on seven catches.


Oklahoma State: The Cowboys host Kansas State on Oct. 6.

Iowa State: The Cyclones travel to Oklahoma on Saturday.