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Kamilia Cardoso Isn’t Just Grabbing Attention With Her On-Court Prowess.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Brooklyn, NY—-Kamilia Cardoso isn’t just a standout athlete drafted third by the Chicago Sky in the WNBA Draft; she’s also making waves in the fashion world. While many women’s basketball players at Monday night’s draft were adorned in high-end designer attire, Cardoso opted for a local touch.

Typically, when a woman discovers her ideal outfit, the question isn’t whether alterations are necessary, but rather the extent of those alterations. This challenge often intensifies with taller women.

However, these statuesque ladies seemed to effortlessly overcome this obstacle.

Much like NFL and NBA players make stylish statements on their draft nights, this occasion provided the perfect opportunity for a fashionable display. Last year, Taylor Hendricks of UCF made headlines by donning a pink suit, the jacket adorned with photos symbolizing his journey to the NBA and the significant people along the way.

Minh Le, the designer behind Cardoso’s striking red suit, expressed her delight at seeing her creation showcased on such a significant occasion.

“It’s just a big moment for her, and for me, it’s like amazing,” remarked Le, a talent hailing from Lexington.

Le, accustomed to meeting clients in person at her shop for custom designs, adapted her process for Cardoso’s suit, which was executed flawlessly even without a face-to-face meeting.

“I have to do my magic thing, meaning I have to pull out each measurement,” Le explained. “I become like a stalker, going online and looking at pictures.”

This remote approach isn’t new for Le, who previously crafted a white suit for A’ja Wilson, the first Gamecock client. Over the years, Le’s talent has attracted a roster of notable clients, including Dawn Staley and Bam Adebayo. With Cardoso joining this esteemed list, it’s evident that Le’s flair for fashion continues to captivate sports stars seeking to make a statement beyond the court.