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Latino Entrepreneur On His Truth Serum Movement


Working class citizen turned business impresario Benny Gonzalez is stepping in the spotlight with a new found vision and cutting-edge skillset.

Born and raised in the heart of the Bronx Bombers hometown, Gonzalez is no stranger to the everyday hustles of the hard knocked life.

Bearing witness to experiences only people see on the big screen, became the driving force for Benny to want better for himself and his children, redirecting his focus in a conducive environment.

Flourishing within his newfound mindset, Gonzalez is switching a negative to a positive while extending efficacious vibes back to the community.

He is currently the founder of apparel and music entertainment label Truth Serum, showcasing his versatile talent and flossing his fire flow.

Recently, 4.0 linked up with new exec to discuss his insights and perspective behind his logo and the future of its longevity.

“The significance behind the brand”, says Gonzalez, “It defines the truth within us, that we will discover through the course of our life’s journeys. The truth that we sometimes deny, ignore, or reject, the truth we are deprived of, not told or shown but, the truth that your journey will eventually unscramble and blossom”.

“Where I’m from, our young are not fortunate to have mentors and positive role models to help teach and develop them into men and women of beneficial purpose. My goal is to provide inspiration to others to showcase there are better opportunities in life, just believe in yourself, remain elevated and focused”.

Truth Serum’s follow-up projects, a t-shirt apparel line and scorching music tracks soon to be released. This Nuyorican is destined to make his presence felt while being a prominent voice to the urban culture.

Truth Serum makes its debut, Spring 2021.