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Mary J. Blige-My Life, The Essence Of It’s Power


November 29, 1994, was the birth of what has become an eternal salvation for souls of all walks of life. Mary J. Blige’s “My Life” album has captivated fans world-wide now, twenty-six years later, its as relevant as ever.

“My Life” is a testament that conveys a message to so many who have experienced a life of oppression, sorrow and despair in whichever its nature to believe in yourself and have faith in a higher power to see you through it.

As a die-hard supporter of Mary, its inevitable not to be captured by her essence. Although she’s a figure that speaks to generations, a pillar of strength that gives hopeful inspiration to all genders and ethnicities, her devotion has always been to her urban roots.

Photo Credit: blackenterprise.com

Throughout her life’s journey, Mary has evolved into a woman of great caliber. She gave young women of color an identity and awarded us a voice to be heard, not sheltered. The unveiling of her painful struggles was the premise of our connection with her while her lyrics told stories that were precisely relatable to the point where you would feel a personal bond with Mary, still strong present day.

She has taught us self acceptance, that its ok to be whomever you are, wherever you come from but to also know self-love is the best love and there is no greater love than our heavenly father. She has proven that no matter the situation you’re in, elevation is key, believing in yourself to become a better person and not to allow your past to consume you.

“My Life” has touched many hearts, saving countless lives but its impact would not have amounted its potential without Mary J. Blige. She continues to educate us through the empowerment of self love and healing teaching us though today might be a bad day, tomorrow is a new start. “Don’t let anyone take away your strength, your joy. My gut is God, God is Love”.

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