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Miami Dominates Temple With A Convincing 41-7 Victory

Photo Credit: Antwan Little

Philadelphia, PA—In a showdown that saw one team firing on all cylinders while the other struggled to keep up, the Miami Hurricanes delivered a dominant performance against the Temple Owls, clinching a resounding 41-7 victory. This lopsided affair demonstrated Miami’s prowess and depth, leaving fans in awe of their remarkable display on Lincoln Financial field.

From the opening whistle, it was evident that Miami meant business. The Hurricanes came out with an explosive offense and a stifling defense that would leave Temple searching for answers throughout the game.

The star of the evening was undoubtedly Miami’s quarterback Tyler Van Dyke, who displayed poise, precision, and an impressive command of the game. He orchestrated the Hurricanes’ offense with surgical precision, completing 25 of 32 passes for 310 yards and four touchdowns. His ability to read Temple’s defense, make quick decisions, and accurately deliver the ball to his receivers left the Owls struggling to contain the aerial assault.

“The sky’s the limit in this offense and this scheme,” miami head coach Mario Cristobal said.

Miami’s rushing attack was equally impressive, with their running backs collectively amassing 175 rushing yards. Their ability to gain yards on the ground kept Temple’s defense guessing and allowed the passing game to flourish.

Owls QB E.J. Warner had a rough afternoon. He was 22 of 39 for 240 yards with a lost fumble and two picks. Warner was picked off in the end zone by Te’Cory Couch when the Owls trailed 7-0. Warner’s fumble at Miami’s 24-yard line led to Parrish’s first TD. Warner’s only touchdown pass of the game made it 24-7 heading into the break.

“There’s still no excuse at the end of the day for my play,” Warner said. “I’ve got to find ways to make plays and help this team move the ball down the field.”

On the other side of the ball, Miami’s defense played with relentless tenacity. They harassed Temple’s quarterback throughout the game, recording three sacks and forcing two crucial turnovers. The secondary was equally impressive, limiting Temple’s passing game to just 126 yards and snatching two interceptions.

Photo Credit: Antwan Little

While Miami’s offense and defense were firing on all cylinders, Temple found themselves overwhelmed by the Hurricanes’ superior athleticism and execution. Temple’s lone touchdown came in the second quarter, but they struggled to sustain drives against Miami’s relentless defense.

This game was a testament to the talent and preparation of the Miami Hurricanes. Their balanced attack on both sides of the ball and their ability to capitalize on Temple’s mistakes set the stage for a dominating performance.

As the final whistle blew, the scoreboard read 41-7 in favor of the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes had put on a clinic, showcasing their potential as a formidable force in college football. While it was a tough night for Temple, they will look to regroup and learn from this experience as they move forward in the season.

For Miami, this victory serves as a statement of intent. They have shown that they possess the talent, depth, and determination to contend at the highest level of college football. The Hurricanes’ faithful can undoubtedly look forward to an exciting season filled with promise, as they continue to chase their aspirations of championship glory.

In the grand theater of college football, this matchup will be remembered as a defining moment for the Miami Hurricanes, a game where they demonstrated their dominance and sent a message to their competitors. As the season unfolds, the college football world will eagerly await Miami’s next performance, wondering if they can maintain the same level of excellence that they showcased in this remarkable victory over Temple.

Henry Parrish Jr. rushed for 139 yards and two touchdowns. The Hurricanes have scored at least 38 points in all four contests.


Joe Klecko was honored at halftime for his August induction into the Pro Football Football Hall of Fame.


The Hurricanes have a week off before they host Georgia Tech on Oct. 7.

The Owls hit the road Thursday and play Tulsa.