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Salsero Espectacular-The Legendary Tito Rojas

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The impassioned world of Salsa has lost one of its most renowned, admired, and beloved Salseros of Puerto Rican culture the incomparable Tito Rojas.

The devasting news rocked social media the day after Christmas festivities disheartening fans that idolized him and that were nurtured by his music.

Julio Cesar Rojas Lopez better known as “El Gallo Salsero” was famous for his sultry masculine tenor and desirous lyrics captivating music lovers of all nationalities.

Born and raised in the eastern coastal town of Humacao, Puerto Rico, Tito’s first loves were the gift of music and the pleasure of serenading those that cherished his impeccable talents.

The creative niche of this singer, songwriter extraordinaire was his ability to compose rhythmic, melodic percussion tunes and interlace them with verses that shared deep stories of love and it’s tempestuous emotions.

Rojas began his lifelong craft in 1975 auditioning for fellow native musician Pedro Conga and his International orchestra landing him his first singing gig leading to his initial group album “Aqui Empezo la Historia” (Here Began The History).

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Continuing to sharpen his skillset, he later joined several other well-known salsa bands. “Conjunto Borincuba” lead by Cuban singer Justo Betancourt finessed their Cuban-Boricua formation while the “Fania All-Stars” with some of the worlds salsa’s A-listers including heavyweights Johnny Pacheco, Ruben Blades, and Willie Colon both dropped huge hits “Con Amor” (With Love) and “El Campesino” (The Farmer) for the up and coming Rojas.

Attempting an ensemble of his own, Tito’s band “Conjunto Borincano” although short-lived produced remakes of classic ballads “Noche de Bodas” (Wedding Night) and “Quiereme Tal Como Soy” (Love Me The Way I Am) positioning the romantic crooner for what was about to skyrocket his career.

In 1990, Tito went solo and produced his debut album “Sensual”. Its title track along with “Tormenta de Amor” (Torture of Love) and “Siempre Sere” (I Will Always Be) gained the Latin artist the notoriety he dedicated himself to achieving.

His sophomore and third LP’s “Condename” (Condemn Me) and “A Mi Estilo (At My Style) presented smash mega-hits “Condename” (Condemn Me) and “Senora De Madrugada” (Lady of Dawn) making Rojas a household name within the global Latino circuit.

But it wasn’t until 1995 when Rojas launched his fourth studio masterpiece “Por Propio Derecho” (On My Own Right) that placed him on the Latin Billboard’s Top Hit List.  The album’s hottest single “Esperandote” (Waiting For You) reached number-one on Billboard’s Tropical Airplay charts, Tito’s very first number-one track nominated Tropical Song of The Year, accomplishing double Platinum status along with winning the Paoli Prize and ACE Award for Best Salsa Artist of the Year.

Embedding his legacy, Tito pursued his ongoing drive to greatness extending his melodious expertise with countless famed classics and doing what he most adored. Tito Rojas, his attributes within Latin music broke barriers and paved the way for future artists to broaden the diversity of our culture. A true iconic figure who’s musical treasures and love for harmonious bliss will forever be remembered.