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Sofia Jirau-A Latina Encouraging Life Without Limits Making History In The Industry

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San Juan, PR-The larger than life personality of Sofia Isabel Jirau Gonzalez is a story that symbolizes one of great inspiration. Born on March 26, 1996 to parents Frankie Jirau and Mimi Gonzalez in their native island of Puerto Rico, Sofia was diagnosed with the genetic disorder Down Syndrome.

At the tender of five, she began illuminating the spotlight being featured on a cover story in Spanish health magazine “Salud Al Dia” focusing on children with Down Syndrome not knowing it would be the humble beginnings of her destined future.

Raised open-mindedly, Sofia’s family supplied an unbiased childhood embracing her anomaly and nurturing it with endless loving support, something that clearly still remains relevant.

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At age sixteen, she made her modeling debut in fellow Puerto Rican Haute Couture designer Wanda Beauchamp’s fashion show leading to offers with other top designers and elite names in the beauty industry.

Becoming an entrepreneur in 2019, she launched her online brand “Alavett” named after her cherished phrase “I love it” selling clothing, home apparel and accessories showcasing her signature symbol while working as a experience ambassador for Inprende, a Puerto Rican company that focuses on providing business and professional skills of continuous development to people of all backgrounds.

Fortuitously in 2020, Sofia’s lifelong aspirations were spoken into existence by world-class designer Marissa Santiago promoting her debut at New York’s Fashion Week as one of the top models to strut the runway citing she saw no difference between the highly confident beauty and other fashionistas as her family profoundly cheered joyous praises to dreams that would soon become vivid history.

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On Valentine’s Day, Victoria’s Secret launched their newest campaign aid “The Love Cloud Collection” introducing Sofia Jirau as the first ever Victoria’s Secret model with Down Syndrome. “One day I dreamed it, I worked it and today it’s a dream come true. Finally I can tell you my big secret…I am the first model with Victoria Secret Down syndrome! Thank you all for always supporting me in my projects. Thank you to for seeing me a model and being part of the Love Cloud Collection inclusion campaign. This is just the beginning, now its formed! Inside and out there are no limits, Alavett!”

This soon-to-be twenty five year old spark of life is on her way, bringing forth empowerment and encouragement to individuals with disabilities and abroad manifesting no matter your background, the possibilities in life are endless. We congratulate and salute you Sofia for achieving your dreams, you are truly the ambassador of limitless praise!