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The Faithfully Fearless, Phenomenal Woman Known As Mekha

Photo Credit: Salahadeen Betts Photography

New York, NY–In today’s society, the trend of self employment has become the most empowering movement to date within our culture. The desire to transform into a boss is exceeding expectations though the respect for independent philanthropists and entrepreneurs is one that has its share of challenges.

There is constant strife promoting your brand alongside mainstream businesses that can easily discourage anyone who lacks confidence, tenacity, and a passion for the greater good. But for a one woman who grew up in the trenches of Washington Heights, that mindset is non existent.

Monifah Bittings better known as Mekha is an aspiring author, advocate, motivational speaker, media personality, and rising executive. Creating her first poem at the age of three with help from her godfather, Mekha expanded her craft attending NYC’s Graphic Communication of Arts high school as a creative writing major. She later graduated and began educating students in summer and after school programs throughout the city.

A survivor of family domestic violence and drug abuse prior to battling Multiple Sclerosis, Mekha learned how to use writing as a form of therapy. She became an advocate for troubled youth providing mentorship by way of cathartic intervention focusing on youth development. Her philanthropic efforts gained recognition by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World where she was awarded as the guest of honor at the Drug-Free Hero Awards Gala.

Photo Credit: Leon Sailes (From left to right-Faithful, Fearless & Fly Honors Sneaker Ball Honorees Dave Crenshaw, Marvin Chambers, Marilyn Figueroa, Mekha, Richard Dauphin, Sherneice Gatewood, DJ K Nikki)

Embodying her freedom of expression, she is the successful author of books Stay Faithful And Fearless, Stay Faithful & Fly and currently working on her third. Driven on self love and the gift of paying it forward, Mekha continues to strive for excellence. This past October she presented her first annual Faithful, Fearless & Fly Honors Sneaker Ball in Harlem’s own Maysles Documentary Theater Center graciously honoring NYC’s finest in entertainment and philanthropy.

The event was a magnificent presentation for the honorees but most importantly for its hostess. Mekha is a true testimony of unselfish love for her community but moreover a pillar of resilience. Not only is she providing newfound hope for our youth, she is reinforcing the evolution for women of color through fellowship and purpose.

No matter the imperfections or adversities our pasts do not define who we become, we all possess a form of essential value. As Denzel Washington once said, “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. Fall down seven times, get up eight”, that is the motto of this amazing impressario, Mekha the phenomenal woman.

For more on Mekha, please visit www.msmekha1derfullycreated.com, follow her via social media:Facebook.com/mekha.nizum or Instagram@MsMekha

For book and speaking events, send inquiries to: I.m.1derfully.created@gmail.com

Photo Credit: Leon Sailes