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The Flawless Sounds Of Tamia And Kem Surpass Light Summer Rain At The Dell

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Philadelphia, PA–Mother nature did some fancy footwork with the diabolical surging heat conditions Thursday evening but that didn’t stop the show on the Dell Music Center’s Essence of Entertainment series featuring two of R&B’s most refined artists in the industry, the exquisite sounds of Tamia and Kem.

Presenting the lustrous affair was the lovely Patty Jackson with DJ extraordinaire Gary O of WDAS 105.3 seasoning their vibrant flare always slaying that addictive grown and sexy melodic vibe showgoers adore.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Jumping starting the event was Philly’s own comedian Skeet Carter lending his humorous flavor to the mix bringing on joyous laughter, sharing upcoming projects in film including streaming giant Netflix and future appearances with the free-flowing crowd. He is definitely the next household name in comedy.

Following the entertaining comic was aspiring Cellist/Vocalist Aijee coming to the stage in true rising star status. The fellow native furnished her skillset eloquently playing original pieces “Everything“, “Again & Again” and “I Don’t Agree“.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Executing a beautiful rendition to Rhianna’s “Diamonds“, she dedicated it to her mother battling lupus. Working to make a name for herself the past ten years and judging by the audience reaction, she’s well on her way to stardom.

Ensuing the hour intermission due to lighting, loyal admirers gave an exciting welcome to six-time Grammy nominated songstress Tamia who was next to the stage looking beautifully radiant. Despite the steady light rain, the gorgeously vested soprano performed flawlessly to 1998 smash “Imagination“, sexy track¬† “Can’t Get Enough“, “Still” honoring her twenty-three marriage to former NBA player Grant Hill.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

The NAACP Image and Soul Train Music Award recipient elegantly followed with fan favorite “Spend My Life With You“, “Leave It Smokin“, “Officially Missing You“, title track to movie Set It OffMissing You“, “Last First Kiss”, signature classic “You Put A Move On My Heart” before delivering an outstanding finale on “So Into You” thanking her drenched beloved fans.

As the lights dimmed, the damped amphitheater broke out in a cheer fest anxiously awaiting the sensational sounds of platinum recording artist Kem who graced the stage in his dapper pink suit opening to 2002 debut hit “Love Calls” mesmerizing the entire arena.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Humbly thanking his devoted fans for weathering the misty conditions, the sensuous crooner laced his magic on “My Favorite Thing“, “On My Mind“, “Nobody“, “Heaven” and “Stuck On You” praising his adoring wife before offering a profound performance to “Share My Life” alongside his amazing saxophonist Jamel Mitchell and guitarist Randy Bowman.

Taking a brief pause donning new attire to match his sex appeal, the twenty year Motown singer touched on the love of his music and the influences that help create his flavorful sound before extending his amorous notes to “Why Would You Stay“, “Lie To Me“, “Find Your Way” and impeccably closing to chart buster “Can’t Stop Loving You” leaving listeners in awe.

Not only did both artists carry out immaculate performances, their ensembles were the perfect elements to an exceptional showcase. Even through the rain, it was entirely an phenomenal production under the Dell Music Center.

For artist info visit: http://www.skeetcarter.com/ https://www.aijeecello.com/ https://www.tamiaworld.com http://www.musicbykem.com/