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The Humanistic And Unpretentious Soulful Spirit Of Sheila E

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

New York, NY–The aura at New York’s sophisticated City Winery had a percolating rhythmic vibe Saturday night as the world famous “Queen of Percussion” Sheila E and her amazing ensemble The E Train blessed the sold out venue for an evening filled of melodic pleasure.

Looking gracefully beautiful, the multi-talented icon received the love from adorning fans reciprocating her complacent energy before sounding off to her set list of versatile jams with blazing intro “Alma“, jazz fused “Truth“, and funky track “Oakland’s In Da House” paying homage to native hometown.

The multi Grammy nominated, Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winning artist took a brief intimate intermission connecting with the elated crowd touching on the current climate of our world and the importance of bridging the gap of genuine love, to bring back to its roots within our families, communities and our faith.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

A profound ambassador of humanitarian efforts, she co-founded a non-profit organization Elevate Hope Foundation which serves the Elevate Oakland programs offering a wide variety of needs ranging from the provision of musical instruments for classrooms to facilitating opportunities for students to perform with local musicians by way of vibrant art, paying it forward with Oakland’s youth.

After the warming momentum, the peace-loving beauty resumed her jam session on tuneful tracks “Stroke“, “Yellow Submarine“, “Virtuosity“, “25th Street“, while turning up the heat to 1986 classic “Love Bizarre” bringing the entire winery into full blown party mode.

The drum blazing heavyweight ended with a flawless finale to signature smash hit “Glamorous Life” written by one of the greatest artists of all time and longtime love, the late Prince paying tribute to him along with her godfather the “King of Latin Jazz” Tito Puente rocking her God given skillset.

Sheila E & The E Train will be performing tonight at: Chicago City Winery, in Chicago, IL and Saturday, May 27th at Genoa Park in Columbus, OH. For tour dates and more on Sheila E, visit: sheilae.com

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers