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Carolina Panthers Looking To Revamp With 7 Picks In The 2024 Draft

Courtesy Of The Carolina Panthers Communications

The Carolina Panthers endured a challenging 2023 season, finishing with a disappointing 2-15 record. Despite their struggles, the team showed glimpses of potential but faces significant roster deficiencies that must be addressed to foster improvement and competitiveness.

The Panthers’ record reflects a season of adversity, marked by inconsistencies and shortcomings on both sides of the ball. Offensively, the team struggled to generate consistent production, particularly in the passing game. Defensively, they faced challenges in generating pressure on opposing quarterbacks and containing the run game, leading to vulnerabilities in the secondary.

Critical Needs:

1. Defensive End:

One of the most glaring deficiencies for the Panthers lies in the pass rush, particularly at the defensive end position. The lack of consistent pressure off the edge hindered the defense’s ability to disrupt opposing offenses and create turnovers. Addressing this need is crucial to bolstering the pass rush, improving overall defensive performance, and alleviating pressure on the secondary. Michigan Braiden McGregor would be a great pick at 39th in the second round.

2. Offensive Lineman:

Protecting the quarterback and establishing a cohesive running game hinges on the effectiveness of the offensive line. The Panthers struggled with pass protection and run blocking, leading to increased pressure on the quarterback and inefficiencies in the ground game. The offensive line allowed 65 sacks. Adding talent and depth along the offensive line is imperative to solidifying protection, creating running lanes, and fostering offensive consistency. TCU Brandon Coleman will drastically fortify the Panthers line in the third round 65th pick.

Carolina Panthers Draft Overview

2023 record: 2-15
Fourth in NFC South; missed playoffs

Panthers 2024 draft picks (7):

Round 2, pick 33
Round 2, pick 39 (acquired from New York Giants in Brian Burns trade)
Round 3, pick 65
Round 4, pick 101
Round 5, pick 141 (acquired from New York Giants in Brian Burns trade)
Round 5, pick 142 (acquired from Tennessee Titans in Dennis Daley trade)
Round 7, pick 240 (acquired from Pittsburgh Steelers in Donte Jackson trade)

3. Wide Receiver:

Offensively, the Panthers lacked playmakers at the wide receiver position, hindering the passing attack and overall offensive production. The absence of a dynamic wide receiver limits the team’s ability to stretch the field, create mismatches, and provide reliable targets for Bryce Young. Adding a skilled wide receiver can inject explosiveness into the offense and elevate the passing game to new heights. In the second round their 33rd pick, the Panthers might pull the trigger on Georgia WR Ladd McConkey.

2023 Season Stats:

Total Offense: 265.3 yards per game (32nd)
Rushing: 104.1 yards per game (20th)
Passing: 161.2 yards per game (32nd)

Total Defense: 293.9 yards per game (4th)
Rushing: 122.4 yards per game (23rd)
Passing: 171.5 yards per game (5th)