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Coach Fran Brown’s Cuse Looks Promising After Their Blue And White Game

Courtesy Of Syracuse Athletic Communications

Syracuse, NY—–Syracuse football’s public debut under Coach Fran Brown saw the White Team, led by LeQuint Allen and transfer quarterback Kyle McCord, secure a 31-10 victory over the Blue Team.

Allen proved himself as SU’s standout player, with a stellar performance last season and a strong showing in the spring game. His blend of power and speed resulted in impressive plays, including two touchdowns. Freshman Yasin Willis also impressed, earning the nickname “Thunder” for his powerful runs, though he had a setback with a fumble towards the end of the game but these running backs will light up the score board this season.

The defensive performance in the game didn’t showcase many standout plays, but one player who exceeded expectations was Zyian Moultrie-Goddard. Despite being a redshirt freshman linebacker who saw limited action in the fall to maintain his redshirt status, Moultrie-Goddard made numerous tackles in the first half, drawing attention with his play.

Freshman KingJoseph Edwards also made a notable impact on defense, forcing a crucial fumble by strip-sacking Carlos Del-Rio Wilson in the third quarter. The fumble was recovered by redshirt freshman Ty Gordon, who later added another recovery in the fourth quarter during a chaotic scramble for possession.

Here are some key takeaways:

LeQuint Allen showcased his dominance, scoring two touchdowns and displaying both power and speed on the field.

Freshman Yasin Willis complemented Allen’s performance, earning the nickname “Thunder” for his powerful runs.

Georgia transfer Zeed Haynes emerged as a key target for McCord, displaying his playmaking abilities with a touchdown and impressive catches.

Returnees Trebor Pena and Umari Hatcher contributed to the passing game, with Pena making several crucial receptions.

The offensive lineup, featuring three wide receivers, a tight end, and a running back, suggests potential for a dynamic passing attack.

Despite missing Oronde Gadsden II, the receiving corps showed depth and versatility.

Tight end Dan Villari played a minor role in the offense, indicating a reduced role with the talented receiving group.

On the defensive side, Zyian Moultrie-Goddard and KingJoseph Edwards made notable impacts with tackles and turnovers, respectively.

Nevertheless, for Syracuse fans, the 2024 spring game offered reasons for optimism. With talent, depth, and a renewed sense of purpose, the Orange are primed to make waves in the upcoming season. As they continue their preparations, one thing is clear: the future is bright in Syracuse.