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Deuce McBride Ignites The NY Knicks Pass The 76ers 111-104

Courtesy Of The NY Knicks Communications

New York, NY-— The electric atmosphere of Madison Square Garden resonated with a new chant, one that echoed the performance of a rising star: “Deuuuuuce!”

Deuce McBride, stepping into the spotlight as Jalen Brunson’s backup, spearheaded a remarkable display by New York’s bench players in a thrilling 111-104 triumph over the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference first-round clash.

While Brunson and Josh Hart dazzled with 22 points each, Brunson, in a gracious moment on the court, diverted the spotlight to a deserving teammate when asked about the Knicks’ victory.

“Deuce McBride,” he declared.

McBride showcased his mettle with 21 points, single-handedly outscoring the 76ers with 13 crucial points in the second quarter. His stellar performance coincided with a pivotal moment when Joel Embiid exited the court, grappling with a potential reaggravation of his surgically repaired left knee after a forceful dunk. Though Embiid returned and ignited a rally for the 76ers in the second half, Hart’s timely three-pointers in the final quarter proved instrumental in securing the win for the Knicks.

Contributing significantly to the Knicks’ cause, Hart also snatched 13 rebounds, fortifying the efforts of the second-seeded Knicks, who had stumbled in Game 1 of previous series openers at home. The momentum now favors the Knicks as they gear up to host Game 2 on Monday.

Embiid, despite his commendable performance with 29 points, eight rebounds, and six assists, couldn’t prevent the 76ers from succumbing to the Knicks’ depth and resilience.

“They protected home court,” acknowledged 76ers guard Kyle Lowry. “We have to analyze the film, identify areas for improvement, and regroup.”

With Bojan Bogdanovic adding 13 points off the bench and Mitchell Robinson, once the Knicks’ starting center, contributing eight points and a commanding 12 rebounds in his reserve role, the Knicks demonstrated their versatility and depth. Robinson’s presence was particularly notable in containing Embiid’s dominance on the court.

The Knicks surged ahead whenever McBride, Bogdanovic, or Robinson were in play, outscoring the 76ers by substantial margins during their respective stints.

“They were the catalysts for our victory,” affirmed Hart. “When our primary scorer faced challenges, they stepped up admirably.”

Embiid, plagued by injuries throughout the season, displayed flashes of his formidable skill set but couldn’t overpower the collective effort of the Knicks, who showcased a balanced roster en route to their first 50-win season since 2012-13.

Brunson, a standout performer throughout the season, encountered resistance from the 76ers’ defensive schemes, yet managed to contribute significantly with his all-around game, notching seven rebounds and seven assists alongside his 22 points.

McBride, seizing the opportunity presented by the 76ers’ defensive focus on Brunson, emerged as a potent scoring threat, guiding the Knicks to a decisive advantage in the second quarter.

“I believe their strategy was to limit Jalen’s influence,” reflected McBride. “But if that’s their tactic, they must face the consequences.”

Embiid’s departure in the closing minutes of the third quarter provided a window of opportunity for the Knicks, who capitalized on the momentum swing to seize control of the game.

Despite a spirited comeback by the 76ers, the Knicks, buoyed by their bench contributions, clinched a memorable victory in the first playoff encounter between the two teams since 1989.