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Livy London-Hip-Hop Caribbean Flavor At It’s Best


Fresh independent Hip-Hop artist Livy London is building her status in the music industry with her vibrant energy, polished flare, and self-assertiveness.

This young Caribbean queen has the look of a mainstream artist yet her style and intellect confirm she’s far from your basic average girl.

Born and raised in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn by way of Jamaican and Ghanese parents, her zesty New York flavor lies deeply rooted within her genre.

Performing in school productions was the start that ignited Livy to dive her ambitious talents into music with her lyrical gift of vocals and poetic bars although fashion still remains her virtuoso, music is her true fire within.

Livy has laced several singles on fresh up and coming Hip-Hop artists tracks like “Run Up A Bag” featuring Flawless GMN and Bank’s Philly, Louey’s saucy hit “Tell Me” and $EV’s “Smoke And Chill”.

Since then, she’s been on her own grind cooking some heat in the lab. Her debut single “Burna” was her icy intro showcasing London’s sassy chopper skills while sounding off the alarm to lyricists that age is nothing but a number and playing games wasn’t on the menu.

Her follow-ups “Hands Dirty” with comrade Miamor, “Showstopper” and “The Source” display that spicy fuse embedded in her DNA yet “Frontin” is by far the creme de la creme hottest single that intertwines love and sensuality flawlessly.

With its hint of islandly vibes, acoustic vocals, and perfect blend of Jamaican/English accented rhymes, this track is the all-inclusive Ms. London in her entirety.

Her EP “Ready To Liv” is Livy’s latest design with smash hits “Survive”, “My Crew” and headbanger “On God” climbing the digital charts world-wide.

This tender, linguistically lethal beauty continues to rise above expectation proving she’s only at the peak of her prime with much more to come.

For more on the lovely Livy London, visit her social media links Instagram:www.instagram.com/livylondonn Twitter:twitter.com/@Livy_London Facebook:www.facebook.com/livyy.london

You can also listen to Livy London on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Soundcloud, YouTube, and all major digital media outlets.