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Los Tigres Del Norte Rocks Somos Mas Americanos At The Rock

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Prudential Center—Renowned as “the most influential regional Mexican group” by Billboard and hailed as “the genre’s greatest statesmen” by the New York Times, Los Tigres Del Norte maintain their position as one of Latin Music’s foremost creative and socially conscious voices. With a storied career marked by millions of albums sold, consistent chart-topping, and multiple Grammy & Latin Grammy Awards, the legendary group now looks ahead with their upcoming release, “Detalles y Emociones”.

This new album, featuring 15 tracks spanning corridos, ballads, cumbias, and rancheras, continues Los Tigres’ legacy as the voice of the people, with narratives crafted by prominent composers such as Paulino Vargas Jr., Manuel Eduardo Toscano, Francisco Quintero, and Pablo Castro. Lead single “Detalles,” already climbing Latin music charts, serves as a poignant reminder of the enduring value of genuine affection amidst the pursuit of material wealth.

Another standout track, “El Muro” (The Wall), boldly challenges the concept of a proposed border fence between the United States and Mexico, with a bonus version featuring front man Jorge Hernandez singing in multiple languages to symbolize failed border barriers throughout history.

Other tracks on “Detalles y Emociones” delve into themes of love, justice, and the immigrant experience, including “Lágrimas de sangre,” “Un Hombre De Ley,” and “Corazon Herido.” The album also pays tribute to Central American fans and highlights social issues like undercover policing in songs like “America Central” and “Cuidado Con La Mesera.” They delighted the sold-out crowd with all of these popular hit songs and had the crowd dancing in the aisles.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

This release follows their acclaimed 2006 album “Historias Que Contar,” which showcased their enduring relevance with tracks like “Señor Locutor.” Beyond their musical contributions, Los Tigres have actively supported immigrant communities, participating in events like the Great American Boycott in 2006.

Throughout the new millennium, Los Tigres Del Norte have expanded their international presence, with tours in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Their influence extends beyond music, as seen in tribute albums and performances at prestigious events like Mexico’s Festival Cervantino.

With a career spanning over three decades, Los Tigres Del Norte have solidified their status as cultural icons, using their music to amplify the voices of Latin immigrants and address social injustices. From their humble beginnings in Sinaloa, Mexico, to their pioneering role in shaping Norteño music, the band’s journey embodies resilience, integrity, and a dedication to their heritage.

Closing with a heartfelt message of gratitude to their fanbase, Los Tigres Del Norte affirm their commitment to persevering through life’s challenges.