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Spencer And Martin Go Pound For Pound Until The Last Round

James Martin vs Joey Spencer at the Prudential Center-Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Newark, NJ-Saturday night’s PBC Fight card premiered by Fox Sports 1 at Jersey’s epicenter “The Rock” had several explosive match-ups but none lived up to their intended eight round bout except for the amazing Super Welterweight division title fight between Joey Spencer (13-0) vs James Martin (7-3-0). These two contenders put on a show stopping fight that was worth the wait.

Spencer came out guns blazing in the first round landing two gut punches on Martin but in the second, Martin attempted to make a comeback taking it full speed to Spencer’s grill testing the waters only to wake his inner beast. By the fourth round, Spencer regained his composure by hitting Martin with a left hook that took the wind out of him.

Martin tried to sustain with momentary shots but fatigue was visibly setting in. Early in the seventh, the two boxers went blow for blow taking shots feeding off each others vibe. Spencer kept working Martin moving those snapping jab punches landing him a visible cut under his eye. Before the final bell, Martin caught Spencer with a right but it was just a little too late.

Nonetheless, these two fighters held their own and showed outstanding sportsmanship. Joey Spencer won by unanimous decision in the final draw with judges James Kinney ending at (80-72), John McKaie (79-73) and John Signorile (79-73) all unanimous for the Michigan native Spencer who’s undefeated.

The Small Town Solider took to lnstagram on his eight round win, “Very happy to go my first 8 rounds last night with a good fighter that was taken on short notice. Thank you to God for always directing my steps, and also a big thank you to James Martin for the great fight”.