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The American Dream Of Passaic-Hip Hop Artist Kiamo On The Rise

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers

Passiac, NJ–The world of Hip-Hop has evolved since the days of the Sugar Hill Gang. A new subgenre called Trap Music has become the latest trend to date with the likes of Drake, Cardi-B, and Migos creating tracks that sellout arenas. Though Hip-Hop vets such as Jadakiss, Nas and Jay-Z continue to preserve the style of rap’s essence encouraging our newer generation, an inspiring young man from Passaic, New Jersey is following their footsteps and then some.

Rising rap artist Kiamo is creating a serious buzz in the industry representing his hometown and community with a fire like no other. Gaining a love for Hip-Hop at the age of five, Kiamo was taught as a child about music along with the volatile sounds of R&B and Rap soaking in the beautiful melodies of Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye together with nineties rap icons, M.O.P and Onyx.

Being labeled as “a kid destined to rap”, he began taking a more serious interest into his talent at the age of fifteen. After the passing of his beloved grandmother, Kiamo channeled his energy into mastering his craft recording his own music by way of mixtapes building a name for himself. Embracing the inspirational impacts of Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, and 50 Cent, understanding how they altered the culture of Hip-Hop fueled his passion landing him recognition as The Source Magazine’s 2019-Source Unsigned Hype.

A pivotal moment that changed the course of his upcoming career gaining him his first campaign deal with Sneaker Studio, becoming owner and CEO of Corner Of The World Records dropping several albums including his 2019 debut release The American Dream: Rise of Kiamo and follow-up Omerta while reciprocating the love to his community.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chambers (Josh-Lord Ent Manager, Naz & Jordan-Korner Stone Mafia, Dez-A&R, Flee Since 93-Fashion Designer, Quentin Filmz-Videographer & Photographer)

We had the opportunity to speak with the ambitious rap artist at Money Lynn’s Trick or Treat Pop-Up event hosted by Dave East with Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski on the ones and two’s at Passaic’s Factory 220 lounge yesterday fresh after putting down some bars of fire.

4.0 S&E-“What makes you a strong advocate for the youth of Passaic”?

Kiamo-“I want to be able to show them that you can do something with yourself coming from where we come from. Though there’s a lot of limited things, you gotta make the best of what you have.”

4.0 S&E-“Why do you rep the city of Passaic? Why does it mean so much to you”?

Kiamo-“Because I was born and raised here and my generations before me..my bloodline my grandparents, my parents are from this city so my bloodline runs throughout this city throughout the pipelines of it”.

4.0 S&E-“Who were some of the influences that inspired you to become a rap artist”?

Kiamo-“Um, you know my family. Growing up my dad played you know a lot of DMX growing up so like I can say a lot of my influences were dudes like Nas, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, DMX. I have so many names, yeah..the list goes on”.

4.0 S&E-“What is the definition of success and what is your goal of your platform”?

Kiamo-“To create fundraisers and scholarships for the youth in my city under my grandmother’s name. So I would love to do scholarships far as foundations and give these scholarships to these kids so they can go on to college and help pave the way for themselves. Also, do things for the kids as in like rent buses and take them to Dorney Park, rent out the whole water park. You know..just give more to these kids so one day they can do it for the next”.

4.0 S&E-“Why was it important to do a free event in your home town”?

Kiamo-“Because a lot of people don’t get a chance to see me so usually like..this year, I went to South West Austin, Texas. We setup a tour..we went to Virginia Beach, Connecticut, P.A., we do a lot of events outside our community so a lot of people don’t really get to see me perform. They see the accolades but they never get to witness it in person. I get to give back to them, they see what a diamond in the rough their city has of their own you know what I mean. Where we don’t have to go to NYC or something like that, like we have somebody like that of our own and be prideful of that. Plus, I come from a Spanish heritage I’m half Spanish so you look at the city of Passaic you see mostly what..Hispanics so I’m the best of both worlds representing the city to the fullest”.

One things for certain, this young man is not only articulate but passionate about his grind, dedication to his family and the city that made him who he is, a rap artist who’s adamant hunger for success will without a doubt open more doors of destined greatness. His next project The American Dream 3, drops November 15th available on all music streaming platforms, be sure to support.