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The MLB’s Saving Grace On Met’s Possible Minority Takeover

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New York, NY—The bidding saga continues for the fate of the NY Mets and ultimately whoever will gain ownership of the metro ball club. Currently in the buying battle are hedge fund exec Steve Cohen, a managing partner group for the New Jersey Devils and Philly 76ers, and lastly NY’s A-listers Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

From a moment’s glance, anyone who knows the history of the Mets, its point of origin, and die-hard fan base know hands down where claimant of ownership truly belongs. The powerhouse couple has reportedly made one of three offers and have been participants in this tug of war for several months.

Initially involved as self investors in the near closing deal, it was noted the superstar duo were unable to make the offer, seeming to withdraw from the proposition. However, the heartbeat and true fighting spirit of one’s roots does not easily fade.

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Now with an investing mega-group of their own consisting of NFL stars Travis Kelce, Brian Urlacher, and DeMarco Murray along with billionaire founder of BodyArmor, VitaminWater, and life-long Mets fan Queens native Mike Repole on their side, all signs point to a win.

Both the NBA and NFL have shown their strong presence and patronage of these matters with players taking center stage utilizing their platforms and voices in unison, what better way for the MLB to emulate these actions and taking a public stance than by approving the Latino celebrity couple’s bid ensuring racial equity amongst people of color.

“This is a crazy opportunity,” Travis Kelce told ESPN. “Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are a star-studded couple that have gotten to where they are because they work their tails off. And they’re good human beings. I thank them for letting me be a part of this.”

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However, with MLB ownership predominately White-owned, here lies the question, will the league now welcome opportunities for minorities to gain access and favorable ownership circumstances? Given the current status of Black Lives Matter, Social Injustices, Police Brutality, and Racial Inequality at its peak and worsening, now is the most crucial time for the MLB to acknowledge their support in the fight against the racial climate that plagues our country.